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-Meldrena Chapin, PhD

As an Architectural Gerontologist, Dr. Chapin's research and design work focuses primarily upon culture change in long-term care. While her specialty is culture change in long-term care, Dr. Chapin also works in the arenas of design for aging, hospice care design, organizational development, architectural programming, and collaborative placemaking.

Meldrena Chapin, PhD - Academic and Professional Vitae

Dissertation Synopsis - Creating Innovative Places: Organizational & Architectural Case Studies of the Culture Change Movement in Long Term Care

Meldrena Chapin, PhD - Teaching Pedagogy

Student Projects and Portfolios

NCHCFA Conference Presentation January 2007

2008 presentation for the architectural design firm THW Design

Tools and Processes of Culture Change - Presentation for THW Design

2009 Presentations for the Georgia Gerontological Society

Synopsis - Meeting Market Demand with Innovative Facilities: Understanding the Process of Culture Change

Home Design for Liveable Communities.pdf

Dr. Chapin's conference experience includes working with the Environmental Design Research Association, The Mythic Imagination Institute and The Southern Gerontological Association.

Dr. Chapin is a Fellow of The Mythic Imagination Institute. The Mythic Imagination Institute is an international organization dedicated to demonstrating how myth and storytelling can play in altering the modern world. More information on The Mythic Imagination Institute and their work including the Mythic Journey's conference can be found at www.mythicjourneys.org. A short film about the conference by Imaginal Cells Film - Mythic Journeys Movie Trailer

Dr. Chapin has been involved in The Southern Gerontological Society for several years as a presenter and attendee at their conferences and the related Student Mentoring Conference. Dr. Chapin is serving as the Local Arrangements Chair for the SGS 2008 conference being held in Atlanta, Georgia. The Southern Gerontological Society is composed of professionals exploring issues, applications, and answers to questions existing in the field of aging. This group is dedicated to bringing gerontological research and practice together. More information on the Southern Gerontological Society can be found www.southerngerontologicalsociety.org.

Dr. Chapin has been involved in EDRA, the Environmental Design Research Association, for over a decade. EDRA is an international interdisciplinary organization dedication to advancing and disseminating research pertaining to understanding the relationships between people and their environments. EDRA annually host an interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary conference designed as venue for the dissemination of new research and to form collaborations between researchers, academics and practitioners. More information about EDRA can be found at www.edra.org.

The following links pertain to EDRA37, the Environmental Design Research Association's 37th Annual Conference held in Atlanta Georgia in 2006. Dr. Chapin served with Andrew Greenberg as co-chair of EDRA37.

EDRA37 Conference Program Contents

As a Fiber Artist, Dr. Chapin's works focus upon blending color, texture and form to create rugs, wall hangings, and sculptural objects. The majority of these fiber works are hand woven on a frame loom; larger works are created on a four-harness floor loom.

Fiber Works by Meldrena Chapin

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